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Intro to the Cloud: Notes from a Company Specialized in Cloud Computing in Austin, TX

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The Cloud is something that anybody with a computer has heard of. There is a lot of mystery behind what it actually is, though. Many people think it’s one large database created by Apple, others think its a technical concept that’s too hard to understand. There are truths to these viewpoints, Apple does utilize a cloud and it is a very complicated software to accomplish. However, understanding “The Cloud” isn’t hard at all!

Amazon defines cloud computing as “the on-demand delivery of compute power, database, storage, applications, and other IT resources via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.” Essentially, this means that you are paying a company to provide you with services that improve or enhance your computerized devices and its functions through a common database. Clouds can be used to improve efficiency by being able to decrease slow communications and eradicate miscommunications. For example, Dell uses cloud computing in Austin, TX at their headquarters. Instead of maintaining their processes through their own means, they employ a company to connect all their processes with a single cloud database that every computerized function can effectively communicate with. This helps because applications of devices made by different companies often can’t give each other information, which cloud computing in Austin, TX for Dell enables.

Another example of a cloud is G-Mail. This massive database of emails is all stored on a cloud, which is powered by loads of actual computers on site at a Google location. Instead of making each individual computer store the software and data required to run G-Mail, it can all be downloaded from the cloud via the internet in seconds. Being able to log on to G-Mail from anywhere means you can utilize cloud computing in Austin, TX or Beijing, China with the same ease.

Employing cloud computing in Austin, TX can easily assist your business capabilities through quicker communication and ease of access. HCS Technical Services offers affordable, secure and helpful cloud computing in Austin, TX for your small business! Our flat-rate pricing makes it available for anyone! Visit our website for more information!

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