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Do you want to maximize your use of Microsoft 365? Could your organization benefit from enhanced efficiency within Microsoft 365? HCS Technical Services can transform the way your business operates and harness all that Microsoft 365 has to offer.

We understand the nuances of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 because we work with them day-in and day-out. We work cooperatively with you to understand the goals for your business and implement technological solutions to make those goals a reality.

HCS Technical Services gives your business peace of mind by alleviating your technological headaches. We install, manage, educate and provide helpdesk support for all Microsoft 365 services to scale your business and streamline operations. From employee onboarding and data governance to enhanced security and standard operating procedures, HCS unifies your workforce around Microsoft 365.

We examine and seek to understand the entire system of your business. With this knowledge, we can begin working toward optimal maturity in the Microsoft 365 platform.

Where does your organization stand on the Microsoft 365 maturity scale?

Stage 1. Unmanaged


Benefits clear, but unutilized. There is an unstable environment for processes, leading to unnecessary risk exposure.

Stage 2. Managed


Processes are now directed and monitored by IT. Cloud migrations are underway with governance plans drafted.

Stage 3. Defined


Initial hurdles are overcome, governance in place, and process can now develop to the next level of maturity.

Stage 4. Optimized


Vision adopted throughout the organization. ROI is realized. Focus is now on continually improving process performance.

HCS Technical Services can help your organization realize its full potential through our Microsoft 365 services. Start with a complimentary consultation today.

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